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Behind the Black and Yellow: Q&A with Rennico Clarke

By Charleston Battery Staff, 05/30/20, 12:30PM EDT


Behind the Black and Yellow with Rennico Clarke

Rennico Clarke enters his first season with the Charleston Battery in 2020. While new to Charleston, he is no stranger to the USL Championship and joins a few familiar faces from time he spent playing overseas in Iceland with now teammates Zeiko Lewis and Robbie Crawford. We catch up with our FIFA USL eCup star in this week's installment of Behind the Black and Yellow.

Q: Hometown?
A: I am from a small town called Saint Thomas in Jamaica.

Q: What is one thing you have to have when traveling?
A: It would have to be my laptop or headphones, they are essential for relaxation!

Q: What would you be if you weren't a professional soccer player?A: If I wasn’t playing soccer, I would definitely be coaching. It is something I always thought about and is something I am looking forward to when things wrap up.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received?
A: I have received a lot, but if I had to choose one piece of advice, it would definitely be, “Nothing in life comes easy, you have to to work hard for it, and when you do have it, you have to work even harder to keep it." That’s something I live by to this day.

Q: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
A: My greatest inspiration has been my dad. Growing up and seeing how strong and reliable he was. He’s been there for me since day one and has always done everything he could to make sure his family was all right. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Charleston?
A: My favorite thing about Charleston would have to be the weather, it reminds me of back home in Jamaica.

Q: If you had one superpower, what would it be?
A: It would definitely have to be the ability to travel at the speed of light. It would be so nice to run home to Jamaica after practice to have some Jamaican food!

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?
A: One thing I can’t live without would be my phone. It keeps me up to date and it’s like a little handbook, without it I don’t think I can operate!

Q: Who is your favorite player of all time?
A: Nemanja Vidic. The Serbian beast. Growing up he was my inspiration for defending. He was a great leader and captain.

Q: What is the best purchase you have made so far this year?
A: Buying Apple Music! Now I can play all my favorite music that I want, whenever I want. I used to have to download my music, but now I have everything I want.

Q: What is one thing that is overrated?
A: I think pizza is the most overrated thing. People go crazy for it and I don’t see what the big deal is.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?
A: My biggest pet peeve would definitely be a dirty kitchen. I hate seeing a dirty kitchen, especially because I like to cook.

Q: Which teammate takes the most selfies?
A: The guy who I see taking the most selfies is my roommate Darian!

Q: What is your go to karaoke song?
A: My favorite karaoke song is "Country Roads" by John Denver. I love that one!

Q: Who is your favorite team to represent on FIFA?
A: My favorite team on FIFA is Manchester United. I’ve always been a United fan!

Q: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you be doing?
A: If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be in Jamaica with my family cooking jerk chicken and laughing with them. That’s when I am at my happiest.

Q: If you had to choose one teammate to survive on a deserted island with, who would it be?
A: It would be Angelo because of his creative skills. I’m sure we would survive because of that!

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